CNB-MAC 2019 Submission

All paper, highlight, abstract submissions should be made through the EasyChair online submission system:

Original Research Papers

CNB-MAC welcomes original research papers that have not been published before and are not currently under review by another conference or journal. Accepted full papers will be published in one of our partner journals – BMC Bioinformatics and BMC Genomics. Please note that BMC will impose a publication fee of USD 1,390, which is  sharply discounted from their regular publication charges. 

Format Requirements: For your initial submission, please use the ACM sigconf template (can be obtained at: ACM template) on 8.5 x 11 inch paper (not to exceed 10 pages). Upon acceptance, authors may be required to update the format of their manuscript according to the guidelines set by the partner journal in which the paper will be published.

Poster Abstracts

We invite authors to submit poster abstracts to present their latest research findings at the workshop.

Format Requirements: Please prepare a one page abstract using the ACM template on 8.5 x 11 inch paper. Registered authors whose abstracts have been accepted for poster presentation at CNB-MAC will have the option to have the abstract included in the proceedings published by ACM Digital Library.


We invite the submission of abstracts of papers that have been published in a peer-reviewed journal after January 1, 2018 or papers that are “in press” at the time of submission. Submissions must include the title and abstract of the paper, its full citation information, and a link to the full paper on the journal website. The submission should also include the list of authors, their affiliations, and their contact information.

Submitting a revised version of an accepted research paper

If your original research paper has been accepted (with minor/major revision):

  • You are invited to give an ORAL PRESENTATION on your research findings at the upcoming CNB-MAC 2019
  • You will be given a chance to submit a revised manuscript, which will be reviewed again by the original reviewers and/or the CNB-MAC 2019 chairs. If the reviewers’ concerns/suggestions have been addressed in a satisfactory manner, the revised paper will be accepted for publication in one of our partner journals (BMC Bioinformatics or BMC Genomics)
  • You will be informed of the partner journal assignment later on, once all revised manuscripts have been reviewed and final decisions have been made

Please prepare a revised version of your paper based on the reviewers’ comments, and resubmit the updated paper through EasyChair by Sep. 6, 2019 (Fri).

Here are the instructions for preparing and submitting the revised paper:

  • For the revised manuscript, you are welcome to use the same ACM format as your original submission.
  • Please note that the revised manuscript can be longer than 10 pages, as there is no specific page limit for BMC Bioinformatics/Genomics
  • Please prepare a response letter for the reviewers with a summary of the major changes and a point-by-point response to the reviewers’ comments
  • Please highlight the major changes in the manuscript in a different color
  • Please combine the letter and the manuscript into a single PDF file
  • Please replace your original submission in EasyChair with the revised manuscript

The revised paper will be reviewed by the original reviewers and/or the CNB-MAC 2019 Chairs before it can be finally accepted for publication in one of our partner journals: BMC Bioinformatics and BMC Genomics. Authors will be notified about the parter journal assignment once the second round reviews are finished and the final decisions are made.

Please note that authors will be asked to reformat their paper according to the respective partner journals’ guidelines and pay the publication charges (USD 1,390). Also please note that final acceptance and publication in CNB-MAC 2019 partner journals is contingent on: (i) successfully addressing the reviewers’ concerns and suggestions and (ii) presentation of the paper at the CNB-MAC 2019 workshop.